Evidence-Based Public Health

Evidence-based practice is a process that brings together the best available research, your professional expertise, and the information you have about the problem you are wanting to address to identify and deliver services that have the best potential to achieve positive outcomes.

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers about evidence-based public health. Just click on your question to see the answer.

Is there an on-line tutorial that will help me understand evidence-based and informed public health practice?

Yes. This interactive tutorial link will walk you through the thought and decision process in a very simple and understandable way. The framework in this link is applied to violence prevention, but is applicable to all areas of public health.
What advantages are there to practicing evidence-based public health?
  • Increases the likelihood of positive outcomes
  • Leads to more efficient use of resources
  • Facilitates the sharing of proven programs, and reduces the need to "reinvent the wheel".
  • Facilitates the use of common performance measures
  • Supports continuous quality improvement
  • Makes it easier to justify funding
Is evidence-based public health just about designing my program?

No, evidence-based public health is about the whole process of assessing the needs and root causes of the problem, designing a program by pulling in the best information available for your population and organization, and evaluating your results to ensure you are having the impact that you intended.

What are the steps and resources I should use in implementing evidence-based public health?
Step 1: Identify the primary health issues in your community. Some suggested resources include:

Step 2: Develop measurable process and outcome objectives to assess progress in addressing these health issues.

Step 3: Select effective interventions to help achieve these objectives

Step 4: Implement selected interventions

Step 5: Evaluate selected interventions based on objectives; use this information to improve program

All of the above:

I don't have the time or expertise to identify evidence based examples. Is there some place I can go to find this information?

Yes! The lists below are not exhaustive but are a good place to start.