Materials List

MAPP of the South Kenai Peninsula Community Health Improvement Plan

This 2015 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) describes 1) the health improvement priorities identified within the second Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), 2) the process used by the community to prioritize a focus for action, 3) a description of...

MAPP of the South Kenai Peninsula Community Health Needs Assessment

One service that MAPP provides the South Kenai Peninsula is making community health information and data more accessible. This is done through conducting Community Health Assessments, hosting community meetings, and making these results available online throug...

Sugary Drinks

Series of 8 posters comparing sugar content of a variety of sugary drinks to other foods with added sugars, such as donuts, cookies, candy, etc.

Sugary Drinks Rack Card

Rack card comparing sugar content of soda to mini-doughnuts and information on how to find added sugars and the many names of sugar.

Talk Now Talk Often AK Conversation Cards

The conversation cards focus on strengthening relationships and connections between youth and adults. The cards help build trust and inspire ongoing conversations and create a space to talk about peer and dating relations, taking action, respect, getting help...

Tobacco Free Mom and Baby Kits

FREE new mom and baby kits with information on the benefits of being tobacco free and the dangers of smoking around babies and children.

Traditional Food Guide Activity Book

A children's nutrition workbook aimed at Alaska Native and non-Native youth aged 8-10 (3rd and 4th grade students) at risk for obesity. Nutrition/physicial activity information is compiled into a 20-page workbook. Importance is placed on benefits of includin...