Projects List

Akeela Statewide Tobacco Prevention Program

Akeela's Tobacco Prevention Program offers statewide technical assistance to all behavioral health programs. The purpose is to encourage policy and tobacco free campus' for all behavioral health providers. Also, there is a Department of Corrections component t...

Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

The State of Alaska's Tobacco Prevention and Control Program is dedicated to: 1. Eliminating exposure to environmental tobacco smoke; 2. Identifying and eliminating disparities experienced by population groups relative to tobacco and its use; 3. Promoting...

Breathe Free Mat-Su

Breathe Free Mat-Su is a coalition of health advocates and concerned citizens working to improve the health of our community by eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, preventing youth initiation of tobacco use and promoting tobacco cessation.


Leadership for Eliminating Alaskan Disparities: Nicotine Addiction in Behavioral Health subgroup works to spread awareness, education and resources which will help to eliminate the disparities in Alaska surrounding nicotine addiction/tobacco use in the behavio...

Nome Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program

1) To provide educational material on ways to help the people of the Nome area become more aware of the hazards of tobacco use. 2) To help people who smoke learn ways to stop their use

Petersburg Tobacco Prevention and Control

Primarily focusing on policy changes in the community, businesses, services, institutions, federal, state and borough

Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) - Central Kenai Peninsula

Peer leadership tobacco prevention and education program. Teens from 4 area high schools provide tobacco prevention curriculum to K-12 schools in the Central Kenai Peninsula.

Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) - Juneau

Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) is a Juneau-based, student-led tobacco education and prevention group. High school student volunteers serve as role models by promoting positive informational interaction with their peers, with younger children, and with the ge...

Tobacco Education Program (TEP)

TEP is an alternative-to-suspension program for students caught using tobacco at school. It is also available for students who volunteer to take the class because they want to quit tobacco.